Not Losing.

First non-test post, I would like to try writing about playing not the characters in game, but the person behind the controls through a basic, somewhat trolly fashion, a shift in priority for a bit, where not loosing is a higher priority than winning.

With any sort of game, any action can be broken down into to categories, proactive and reactive. Offensive choices tend to be more proactive, while defensive choices tend to be more of the latter.

Something many players online. especially in games like League of Legends and fighting games, reward players more for proactive actions, doing things. This is due to the conventional wisdom that doing things is fun. Due to the mindset of making plays=good, I feel that many players actually lack any sort of experience with the opposite mindset of the hyper aggressive, the total defensive.

As a disclaimer, the doctrine and decision making process for a game of any length should be dynamic, one should be able to adapt to different situations, and the doctrine I list below will NOT win games on its own, but, I’ve found works very well when at a clear disadvantage.

The tenant of Not Loosing is exactly as one would expect, do everything possible to delay a loss as long as possible, by any means necessary. Naturally some offensive actions will be used, but even then they are delaying actions to hold off the loss, typically to avoid punishment.

Most games have ways for players to take advantage of, or commonly known as punishing other for their mistakes and misplays, some advantage they can press and gain a lead like life, gold, area control. What some don’t realize is that in addition to in game resources, there are the resources of the human playing the game, patience and temper being them as well. The Turtle aims to stretch both, as well as time you have to weaken the player and snatch victory that way. Human minds are innately predictable, when is annoyed or angry at someone or something, they put weight on ending what annoys them. This is often done by brute force, or whatever game equivalent is appropriate. Anyone who;s played against a decent Teemo knows how much more they want to bring down the Yordle. The tenancy to use brute force is often very easily punished. 



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