Homogenisation of self.

|short drabble to get used to writing in blog format,  I apologize for the quality and content below|

Social media has removed a lot of the -fun- parts of interacting.

This may just be my paranoid self, but I don’t think that anyone actively likes having all their activity logged and mostly available for the public to see. Part of that is creepy in the way that corporations seem more than willing to sell that data that was collected, the other is that it denies me the ability to put on different masks. Everyone acts differently around different people, how different depends on the situation, but in my case, work, online, tabletop gaming, and general real life friends are 4 distinct circles of friends and acquaintances that each have their own sets of etiquette and while there are a few instances of overlap, are mostly discrete in terms of interests.

I have disdain for a single account, one page that says who I am is that I am different things in different places. I do not want to have to reconcile differences between different people in different groups. It probably says a good amount that I try to control my image this much, but at the same time, I do value most relationships enough that I want to control how much they know about me. Maybe it’s cynical and terribly insecure of me to assume rejection and alienation for not living up to what I perceive as other’s expectations of who I am, but my job does somewhat depend on being a professionalish person.

This, again may be me, but there’s a certain trill about the mask, the acting, and essentially a bit of roleplay that comes with it. I can be whoever I want to be on the internet, why should I just want to be the same person? So I separate accounts, keep my linkedin, facebook, twitter, and steam accounts apart. I realize that I sound like a hypocrite and probably a fairly unpleasant, inconsistent person, but I’d hate to act the same way for everyone, and frankly, that’d be a bit dull for everyone.

|Hopefully I’ll actually stick with posting writing this time, if not, I guess I don’t have any followers to lose anyway|


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