Creativity, Casevac, Kuang Shi, and You.

I’ve been playing Infinity very off and on for a while now, and with renewed motivation to get better at writing English, I would like to start tossing more opinions into the cluttered mess of the internet.

1483585634088Kuang Shi are the the most interesting 5 points in the game and I recommend any State Empire Commanders to invest in a box.

They can guard flanks with chain rifles, generate normal orders, can be cheap minesweepers, link for b2 smoke and a cheap order pool, can either explode or go dogged, and have the biolocator.  In short, a Kuang Shi can activate it by spending a short skill. This drops in unconscious, and turns it into both a repeater and puts it in the targeted state for your own army. The obvious synergy is with smart missiles and other circular blasts, but that requires them to be near the thing you want to remove.

That is, for simple minded commanders. YJ is not a faction that gets by with sheer brute force. Tohaa have more durability, PanO has better shooting, and other factions can usually beat us in a straight fight outside CC. YJ embraces playing dirty, not with some singular gimmick, but with some of the most flexible units in the game. If there is a trick, we can do it. Victory by any means, and any cost.

In this way, the Kuang Shi are a perfect example.

Targeted smoke.

This is pretty simple, just put down a Kuang Shi near a Hsien, Rui Shi, Bao, or other MSV2 unit, and have it biolocate. Suddenly Shaolin are dropping nearby grenades on a 19, even spec firing them over a wall to give you your cover.

Camo Removal.

Normally Camo’s strength is in 3 things. the need to discover it, the BS  modifier, and the unknown factor. Normally you would have to do an intuitive attack or have msv3 to get around needing to gamble with wip, and Kuang Shi allow you to get around this.

The first, and obvious way is to run a Kuang Shi up up to them and trigger it to explode. Your opponent can simply shoot them on approach and negate it that way and requires you to detonate all kuang shi in a combat group at once.

The second is why I made this post.

CaseVac is a common skill that lets you carry unconscious troopers. Biolocator puts Kuang Shi into a targeted state and drops them unconscious. Su Jian have the option to carry a heavy shotgun.

This means that you can have a Su Jian casevacing a Kuang Shi as both a mobile repeater and give it a single use incredibly strong anti-camo template. Instead of discover + shoot you can just move in a way that the Kuang Shi is in front of you for part of the move. If they declare an aro that reveals, you can use a normal bs attack, if they idle to remain in camo, you simply drop the Kuang Shi. You can then simply shoot the Kuang Shi. The targeted Kuang Shi will most likely be within 8 inches of the Su Jian at some point, you end up with a B2 BS21/23 ftf roll vs camo, or because you can take shots at any point during the movement, if they reveal and want to save the Kuang Shi, you can shoot them directly and pick up the Kuang Shi later. All this does not require line of sight to the “target” under your template, so smoke does nothing to stop it.

Of additional note, both the Biolocator and Su Jian are hackable. If the aro is to disable the biolocator, the Su Jian gets a normal roll for its BS attack. If the hack is against the Su Jian, you can either shoot the Kuang Shi for the bonus, or the hacker, and if you fail, use a killer hacker to finish them off.

In this case, I committed my Mechakitty to take out what I thought was an Intruder LT.

2017-01-19-21-42-41 I apologize for the low quality picture and wip level paint. Sad!

Shoutouts to Andy for the game, and thelonelyartichoke ( for proofreading, and Jonathan for helping me with rules.


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