Infinity ITS: Concilium Convention Clash

2017-04-08 11.24.47.jpg

A week overdue, but a quick writeup of a recent event. At Card Kingdom.

List A I covered here. In short, the Daofei is a rambo distraction to get killed and be a red herring while a Hac Tao and the rest of the list covers him. It does well against PanO and other straightforward lists, and is fun to run.

List B I’ve run a few times, but not fully comfortable with. Mostly to deal with Ariadna and other camo spam lists. The combination of Smoke, Active turn MSV 2, a 2 Wound MSV1 reactive turn threat, as well as sensor and sniffers should be enough to deal with a moderate amount of camo. I still need to play against dedicated degenerate camo spam more to learn to identify real threats and how to fight it.

Round 1 vs ALEPH  Supplies 9-0 List B

2017-04-08 11.02.28.jpg

I won initiative and opted to go first, planning to use the Killer Hacker NInja and Shaolins to take boxes and run. Deployed mostly in total cover with obvious impetuous paths leading up to the middle. Le Muet was my reserve, counter deploying so he could pick off a sophotech and cover a firelane with the first order. Captured 2 objectives boxes when irregular Shaolin grabbed them from the ninja and ran backwards. My opponent reserve deployed Atalanta and forced me to drop prone midfield to get out of her sight while I dedicated most of my orders on objectives. I moved the Bao and Kuang Shi to cover advances. My reactive turn had Atalanta taking two orders to kill Le Muet, with exceptional shots from the Bao bringing down Achilles through smoke, Oyama dodged forward and the Objectives stayed in my hands.

My turn 2 started with Oyama running forward and berzerking Atalanta with his pistol before stepping away for the execution to get Extreme Prejudice. I had my crane run and get instantly killed bya monofilament mine, taking a pair of myrmidons with her and clearing a path. The Ninja grabbed the last Objective and a Kuang Shi took it before passing it to my Chaiyi. She also hacked his HVT for my second classified. Aleph’s turn consisted of repositioning the Naga and shooting down Oyama, with Chain of Command kicking in.

My last turn had me turtling with objectives, running them far into my deployment zone to be held by the Celestial Guard, a Keisotsu, and the Chaiyi. As a last attempt for points, the Nagas tried to knock something unconscious, but ended up killing my Rui Shi, Keistostu Paramedic, and my Celestial Guard to deny me the 10-0 Win.

The player was new, admitting he was fairly new to the game, though supplies can be very punishing for the reactive player. We talked a bit and gave him some suggestions for upcoming missions. He was optimistic and was enjoying the learning experience. I wished him luck and he invited me down to his local group to play sometime.


Round 2 vs Shock Army of Acontecimento Comms Center  7-3 List A

2017-04-08 11.03.17.jpg

Lost initiative, forced to go second, deployed Ninja pretending to be a mine, across from a Kanren in Holo1 as Le Muet with minelayer. A reserve deployed Tikbalang quickly knocked him unconscious, and a few orders of advancing his Baghmari Link to get objectives and Teucher into an aggressive overwatch position left the table mostly covered. An impetuous Shaolin facetanked a mine that knocked a Rui Shi unconscious and locked the Tikbalang in CC with the Ninja and a Kuang Shi running into the fray as well. Daofei on the far side of the table knocked Teucher into incap and was going to make his way down the table, but stopped by a crit engage palbot that then put him in Immobilized 2. The Hac Tao came on, knocking 2 Bagh-mari unconscious and Teucher dead. The Doctor failed her doctor roll 3 times before I accepted the Kanren as dead.

My reactive turn 2, had his Engineer slapping 2 D-Charges and blowing the Daofei straight to dead before moving midfield to grab an objective and successfully repair his REM. A few successful medkit shots to got a pair bagh-mari up and reform the link. With a single order left advancing them midfield. The Shaolin scored a crit on the Tik, while the Ninja and Kuang Shi both had their hits bounce. The Executive Order gambit paid off and the Hac Tao flanked his Engineer, killing him and a Bagh-Mari. The Doctor grabbed a pair of objectives and the Engineer repaired the Rui Shi

The Bagh-Mari Link pushed forward hard, forcing a wound on the Hac Tao, it failed guts and ducked into total cover. A pair of Kuang Shi, the Rui Shi, and the a Keisotsu went down as they captured another pair of objectives. Leaving me on my back foot for my last push. The Shaolin in CC with the Tikbalang crit it twice, once impetuously, once irregularly. The Hac Tao pushed forward to bodyblock a Bagh-Mari, while a Kuang Shi ran forward going dogged to engage Rao, leaving the KHD Ninja free to move. It used Trinity to kill the Hacker and grabbed an objective, while my Doctor and Engineer snuck under cover of smoke to grab the middle one from under the link’s nose for a win.

The game was much closer than the score suggests, and my first win against him. Easily my favorite match of the day, and very swingy. The Shaolin and Ninja locking down his Tikbalang won me the game. Committing a few orders to try to force me into Loss of Lieutenant helped too. He’s a very fun opponent and I look forward to playing against him again.


Round 3 vs Neoterran Capitaline Army Firefight 0-7 List A

(No picture as my phone was dead :c )

Neither of us liked the table much. I misjudged the height of a building and the Aquila was his reserve. I lost initiative and went second again. A crit dodge from a Shaolin let him chainrifle and kill the Garuda. The Aquila activated and I lost The Ninja, a Kanren, the Daofei, a Kuang Shi, a Keisotsu and the Hac Tao on turn 1, only dealing a single wound to it. I offered my concession which was refused. I started turn 1 in Loss of Lieutenant and managed to get a Kuang Shi up which exploded to drop the Aquila. A Celestial Guard crit his peacemaker and my doctor made a medkit shot on the Hac Tao, which killed him. The game was basically over with a Rui Shi killing a tech bee as my last defiant shot before getting nearly tabled. He did roll a 13 with his Engineer trying to repair his Peacemaker after the Tech-Bee fell, which was amusing at least.
Went from first to fourth with that and beat myself up over that deployment over drinks that night. I made it through without caving to social anxiety at least ~_~


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