ITS TerraCrux Tournament


First time playing Imperial Service, First Infinity Tournament Win.

I have pretty bad social anxiety and mild autism that I’ve been using wargaming to fight. With this event having a bunch of newer players, I wanted to try playing something I’m uncomfortable with and just trying to have a good time. It was pretty large event, 24 people, people coming from as far away as Portland, OR and both Vancouvers, WA and BC.

List A was me wanting to run double kitties for a while. It’s a fairly straightforward list, brute force through everything and keep pushing forward. I felt bad playing this, the Duo is incredibly powerful and can Alpha Strike really hard.

List B is similar to the one I ran at the last event, designed to fight Camo. Sensor, sniffers, and a Burst 5 HMG Hsien mow down things really quickly, adding smoke to it makes it even stronger.

2017-05-06 14.48.48.jpg

Round 1 Transmission Matrix vs Onyx Contact Force, 5-2 List A

My first game was against a newer player, using what he could from the Onyx Box. I took my time helping him and treated it like a tutorial game. Switch failed 6 orders trying to hack his Umbra, dying to it on my active turn. He did take down both my kitties and kept it close, but I pulled ahead on the last turn for a minor victory.

Something I did not notice was the framework under some of the buildings would allow for shots through them. Most people seemed to be going with the “shoot into, and out of, but not through” rule with buildings. I did forget that plasma weapons have an impact template and would have ignored the cover bonuses to ARM and BTS.


Round 2 Biotechvore vs Military Orders, 8-0 List A

My next match was against an opponent I had last seen in the December Limited Insertion Event. This time taking military orders. I won first turn and ran as much as I could out of the Biotechvore zone. With plenty of orders left, I had a kitty break out of the duo, burn down his Bulleteer, a Sergeant Hacker, and a Palbot then reset out of immobilization. I ended the turn dropping a heavy shotgun template into the back of a Magister Link with De Ferzen and a Hospitaler Doctor, catching and killing the engineer as well. My Sophotech was left in to go into No Wound Incapacitation.

He started with having De Fersen lead the link into CC, knocking the kitty into No Wound Incapacitation. It died on the next order. He pushed the link forward and ended his turn coordinating the last few out of the zone. His second Sergeant Hacker failed its BTS roll.

My Pheasant Unloaded into the Father Knight, killing it in 3 orders. Switch Killed De Fersen in 4 Trinities. Landing a Panzerfaust coordinating with templates had my Opponent concede. I did a classified to max out at 8 points.

Postgame, I realized had Switch’s weapons confused. E/Mitters, E/Maulers and E/Marats are all very, very different things that would have drastically changed the game. Should I go to events like this again, I should know my list better and have at least played it before I take it.


Round 3 Decapitation vs Japanese Sectorial Army, Win 7-2 List B

A beautiful table from Top Down Terrain was a great way to end the day. I played against Scott of Straight off the Tabletop. I won initiative on a 17, and opted for first turn. I deployed the crane link mid table and the Zhanying Haris off to the side. I kept Sun Tze and the Chaiyi in reserve as a gamble, trying to bait more aggressive Ninja deployment. He turtled his Keisotsu in a corner, with a 3 man Domaraki Link and I guessed Ninjas to screen. I deployed the Chaiyi on the far side and Sun Tze prone on top of a building.

The Chaiyi walked up, dropping sniffers as I methodically started sweeping for Hidden Deployment. I found a Killer Hacker and shot it unconscious. The Chaiyi walked back to execute it for Extreme Prejudice. An Oniwaban popped out to shoot the Zhanying leading as they pushed forward. The Hsien dropped out of the link to kill it and rejoin the Zhanyings. The Chaiyi continued putting down sniffers, and after a few blank scans, discovered Saito Togan, which the Hsien quickly took down.

My reactive turn had a Ninja Sniper popping out to fire on my Crane, the Link’s Sixth Sense allowed it to dodge out of the way. The Missile Haramaki Blew apart the Zhanying, the Hsien caught in the blast failed an armor save. He advanced his Heavy Infantry. Oyama then threw an E/M grenade at the ground near the Hsien, which landed and connected for an Isolated Hsien.

Turn 2 is where I nearly threw the game, after landing smoke, the Crane advanced, casting several hacking attempts before finally immobilizing Oyama. It then moved with a Celestial Guard to CC him, Burst 2, declaring Martial Arts Level 2 for 2 Dam 16 DA hits. Oyama survived and reset. The Crane tried again, declaring Martial Arts Level 3 against Oyama’s own, but got critted, leaving the crane unconscious. Xi moved up to set Mad Traps in activation range.

Oyama killed the Celestial Guard as the Mad Traps glued him in place. The Domaru Spitfire killed my Chaiyi and the Ninja Sniper picked off a Celestial Guard. The Keisotsu entered suppressive fire.

My last turn had Xi killing the Domaru Spitfire, the Hsien Gunning down the Missile Launcher Haramaki, and Sun Tze moving out into partial cover to try to bait shots. The bait paid off as my opponent threw every last order into trying to bring him down as he dodged in place, drawing fire away from the wounded Hsien and winning me the game.

Talking about it later that night I realize that we misplayed the E/M effect. I was under the impression that only E/M2 Immobilized Heavy Infantry. Even though I made a similar mistake the previous game. We played the Hsien as Isolated, and his irregular orders had enough impact to turn the game. I also had the WIP of the Zhanyings and Celestial Guard confused, meaning that I would not have auto-discovered, but rolled on an 19. Maybe not as swingy, but there is a chance that it would have cost me an order or two. We had incorrect timing on an Aro against the Haramaki and Zhanying+Hsien Haris. The Grenade was thrown targeting the ground though, so it would have needed to be a speculative fire roll. I do not remember the die result to comment on how that would have changed it. I also forgot Sun Tze had Mimetism.

Depending on order expenditure, he could have pulled ahead if both Sun Tze and the Hsien fell. If either made it with the Zhanying, Xi and at least one Celestial Guard surviving should have at put me ahead on points. He could have tied if he killed Sun Tze, left the Hsien alive and had the Ninja Sniper Secure my HVT by sticking off a wall, a straight win if he got the Hsien on the way down.

I ended the day in first, though the Shock Army player from the last few events that I barely beat at Card Kingdom tied me on both Tournament Points and Objective points. I ended winning on having only a few more victory points. I did not get a chance to watch many other games, as mine tend to take a bit longer, but I’m most happy with myself just making it through the event without panicking. Significantly better than the December event. Looking back and writing this and realizing how many misplays I had significantly dampens any sense of pride I have for this. I feel bad for not knowing my own army or rules enough to run it properly and I feel a bit sick with having the win to be honest.


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